Restaurant Schematics

Studio MW consults with a restaurant franchise in Colorado and was recently commissioned to draft a couple of simple schematic models for a new ground-up restaurant out of state.  One model shows a design based on high mountain timber lodges while the second recalls the forms and materials of a small mountain town.

Pavilion Sun Shade

The CCMRD Pavilion needed extra shading for those late summer evening concerts.  Wheelock Construction installed this beautiful sun shade to protect the musicians and their instruments.  Can’t wait to see pictures from this year’s Rapidgrass… It’s happening RIGHT NOW ~ July 5th-6th!


Brandt Home Rafters in Place

The Brandt home is coming together spatially with the lower roofs’ rafters in place and partial sheathing.  Once we have the main living area and bedrooms dried in, we will begin framing the clerestory.  It has been a great learning experience to be a part of the construction process.  How rewarding to resolve issues as a team, benefiting from all perspectives!

Brandt Home Taking Shape: Framing Days 1&2

I again have the wonderful opportunity to work with my father, Randy Wheelock and my cousin, Lukas Dearmin, in building another project along the Front Range.  And this time I’m even swinging a hammer and toting a nail gun, Yee-Haw!  Yesterday was gorgeous and felt like a May day, perfect for framing.  Today the central Rockies were blessed by flurries of snow (Yes, SNOW!) but the cloud cover burned off for a beautiful afternoon.  It’s really a great experience to be working with Lukas and Neil to frame a building I designed; creating a deeper understanding of process and craft.  I’m already getting new ideas for the next project!