Foothills Ranch (Brandt) Home Complete

The Foothills Ranch Home (Brandt Residence) is complete and has been made in to a cozy and artful space by the owner.   Please see the new page devoted to this project.


Brandt – Beetle Kill Siding & Paneling

Beautiful blues, reds and golds begin to add warmth to the Brandt Residence.  The exterior siding will darken over the next several months to rich grey, while the interior paneling will be left natural.  With time it, the deeper golden colors will come through to contrast the blues.

Brandt – Steel Siding & Framed Arches

The interior spaces and views are coming together with the addition of drywall texture and framed arches.  John Dahlenburg and his crew have begun installing the corrugated steel siding, that will slowly rust after a couple of wash downs with the hose when fully installed.

Brandt – Exterior materials / Eco Wood Treatment

The Brandt Home is now fully sheathed and we are applying the facia boards with an aging solution, Eco Wood Treatment.  The beetle kill pine is so expressive with this solution.  It will darken similar to the images with the roofing samples.  The roof and window frames will be Hemlock Green.

Material Aging on CCMRD Pavilion

The pavilion, built in June of 2012, is aging well to show the contrast of the glowing interior beetle kill pine and the exterior beetle kill pine that was treated with an aging solution.  The cold rolled corrugated steel was left to rust naturally.

Is it time for another music festival yet?  WinterGrass?