Foothills Ranch (Brandt) Home Complete

The Foothills Ranch Home (Brandt Residence) is complete and has been made in to a cozy and artful space by the owner.   Please see the new page devoted to this project.


Brandt Thermal Brick Wall

The colorful brick veneer is being installed at the Brandt residence.  The brick wall with archways was a key feature desired by the homeowner and adds warmth to the home.

Trim and Cabinetry at the Brandt House

These are a few images provided by Randy Wheelock, the contractor on the Brandt Home.

Brandt Interiors March 2013

Brandt – Beetle Kill Siding & Paneling

Beautiful blues, reds and golds begin to add warmth to the Brandt Residence.  The exterior siding will darken over the next several months to rich grey, while the interior paneling will be left natural.  With time it, the deeper golden colors will come through to contrast the blues.

Brandt – Blue Glass Bottle Wall

The owner created these glass bottle “windows” from various blue bottles and we arranged them to form the constellation Orion (a personal favorite) in her entry way.  The exterior of the wall will be moss rock and quartz found on site and the interior of the wall will be beetle kill pine paneling.