The Brandt Home is now fully sheathed and we are applying the facia boards with an aging solution, Eco Wood Treatment.  The beetle kill pine is so expressive with this solution.  It will darken similar to the images with the roofing samples.  The roof and window frames will be Hemlock Green.

2 thoughts on “ Brandt – Exterior materials / Eco Wood Treatment ”

  1. Are you completely satisfied with the Eco Wood Treatment finish on your beetle kill material. Thanks
    For the reply.

    1. Hi Steve, the eco wood was very simple to apply, though its best to give a good soaking or it will be spotty. It turns quite dark within a few months, which was the look we were going for, especially on the music pavilion. It is a bit greenish for the first few weeks. Let me know if you would like any further feedback – Molly (

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